~ ADAP Advocacy Association's 2011 Emergency ADAP Summit ~
January 29th-30th, 2011

Larry Bryant | Christine Campbell | Jesse Fry | Johnny Guaylupo | Thomas Liberti | Murray Penner | Joey Terrill
Robin Webb | Michael Weinstein | Joey Wynn

Larry Bryant

Larry Bryant Larry Bryant is Director for National Organizing of Housing Works, the nation's largest minority controlled HIV & AIDS nonprofit organization. Larry works to develop and support grassroots advocacy and activist networks which influence politicians and policy that lead to addressing the factors that lead to ending the HIV & AIDS epidemic in the United States and abroad.

Diagnosed himself while a freshman football player at Norfolk State University, Larry has a distinct passion that flows far beyond just spreading awareness - actions must be derived through education, purpose, and passion which ultimately and effectively lead to measurable outcomes. A native of Washington DC, Larry is an aspiring professional photographer specializing in non-profit photography, essay work, and civil/social justice photojournalism.

His shots allows us to see the humanity in art by illustrating the art in humanity - from complex to creative, passionate to passive, the human spirit is featured throughout his work and gives us something far below the surface. Larry, who was recently named one of Poz Magazine's 'The Poz 100' has one son attending college and currently lives in the Historic Capitol Hill neighborhood in NE Washington D.C.

Christine Campbell


Christine Campbell Christine Campbell, Vice President of National Advocacy and Organizing oversees Housing Works' national and global policy, advocacy and organizing activities including Housing Works' support of the Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), managing the DC and Mississippi offices and advocacy participation in the International AIDS Housing Roundtable and International AIDS Conferences.

Ms. Campbell has her Masters of Science in Organizational Development from American University and has spent over 21 years operating housing programs, training HIV/AIDS housing providers and advocating for people with special needs.

Ms. Campbell serves as a board member of the National AIDS Housing Coalition that works to insure that indigent persons living with HIV/AIDS have access to stable housing and services and served as an adjunct professor New York University's Wagner School of Public Administration.

Jesse Fry


Jesse Fry is currently Co-Chairman of Florida HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network and a member of the AICP Statewide Technical Advisory Committee, since 2003. At his position as HIV Account Manager with Pfizer's HIV/AIDS division, Jesse had major-payer responsibilities for four Southern states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. He joined Pfizer after five years as a Florida lobbyist and advocacy director for The AIDS Institute. Mr. Fry has been involved in health care advocacy since 1998. He has worked in health care marketing, public relations, and market research since 1984. Jesse was born at a hospital in Orlando that later became one of his clients. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

Johnny Guaylupo


Johnny Guaylupo Johnny Guaylupo oversees efforts to connect New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS to Cylar House's comprehensive life-saving services. Infected with HIV at the age of 17, Guaylupo has served as an organizer for the Campaign to End AIDS' Youth Action Institute since 2005.

In 2006, he spoke to over 300 young people at the Ryan White AIDS Conference in Philadelphia; participated in the civil society youth caucus at the United Nations High Level Meetings on HIV/AIDS; and was awarded the Tarsha Durant National Leadership Award (NAPWA). Johnny has been part of the Kaiser Family Foundation PSA "SOY" Campaign and MTV Staying Alive PSA for World AIDS Day 2008.

He is also the chair for the V.O.C.A.L. Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders. He serves in the Steering Committee for Health GAP (Global Access Project).

Thomas Liberti


Thomas Liberti Thomas Liberti currently serves as the Chief of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS in the Division of Disease Control within the Florida Department of Health. Mr. Liberti has served the state of Florida in the public health arena since 1974, beginning his public health career with the STD programs in Dade and Monroe counties. During the 1980's, Mr. Liberti was the STD and AIDS regional director for Tampa Bay. In 1990, he moved to Tallahassee to work with the AIDS program and in January 1997, he was appointed the Chief of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS with the Florida Department of Health. As chief of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS, Mr. Liberti is a dedicated and outstanding leader, providing direction to the program in the face of this ever-changing epidemic.

He has worked closely with other public health officials and community representatives to design and implement effective HIV prevention programs and, as a result of his leadership qualities, has developed one of the nation's most comprehensive programs for HIV/AIDS surveillance, education, prevention, early intervention, counseling, testing, care and treatment. Mr. Liberti also administers the overall functions of the Hepatitis Program within the Bureau of HIV/AIDS. Mr. Liberti is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Medical Humanities, College of Medicine at Florida State University. At the national level, Mr. Liberti served as Chair for NASTAD, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. He was appointed by the former HHS Secretary, Donna Shalala, to the HRSA AIDS Advisory Committee where he still serves. He has developed a unique perspective on HIV/AIDS, enabling him to put Florida's experience in the context of the national epidemic.

Mr. Liberti was awarded the Nicholas Rango Leadership Award for his national and state involvement and recently was given a leadership award by Florida's AIDS Education and Training Centers where he is a member of the Management Committee. Mr. Liberti is an ex-officio member of the Florida Supportive Housing Coalition Board where he serves as a key resource for people with HIV/AIDS in need of greater supportive housing opportunities. Mr. Liberti is highly respected among his peers and possesses a spirit of compassionate involvement in his work with HIV/AIDS. He is an extraordinary individual whose HIV/AIDS expertise is invaluable.

Murray Penner


Murray Penner Murray Penner is the Deputy Executive Director at the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD). Penner's primary responsibilities include oversight of NASTAD's domestic programs, including Care and Treatment (including ADAP), Prevention, Viral Hepatitis and Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities. Penner joined NASTAD in June 2001 as Care and Treatment Program Manager, became Director of the program in August 2002, and assumed his current responsibilities in July 2005. Penner's background includes service as the planning coordinator for the Fort Worth, Texas, Ryan White CARE Act Titles I and II planning bodies for nearly five years.

Prior to that, he served as an administrator with the Fort Worth Metropolitan and Greater Oklahoma City YMCAs. Penner has extensive volunteer service in HIV prevention and care community planning, and served as the community-elected co-chair of the regional HIV prevention community planning group in north central Texas from 1998-99. He has conducted numerous HIV needs assessments and authored several comprehensive service plans, needs assessment reports and other planning documents in the north-central Texas region. Penner has presented at numerous local, state and national conferences on a variety of topics related to HIV/AIDS care and prevention services.

Penner has a strong personal interest in helping to ensure adequate treatment and care services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Penner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology from Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas and has two children, Chance and Bailey.

Joey Terrill


Joey Terrill Joey Terrill has 25 years experience working as an AIDS advocate in California. Based in Los Angeles, this has included 20 years of case management and prevention work with the disabled, including the visually impaired, homeless, and mentally ill populations both able-bodied and those requiring hospice care. For 8 years he has been an employee of AIDS Healthcare Foundation including 4 years in Public Affairs covering state legislation related to making services for HIV/AIDS more accessible and keeping HIV funding sustainable.

With the AHF Public Health Division he has collaborated with other organizations/agencies to increase their capacity for HIV testing in Los Angeles County by providing test kits, counselor/tester training and linkage to care.

Currently the AHF Domestic Advocacy Manager he is working with HIV+ individuals at the grassroots level in states with ADAP wait lists and other cost containment measures that delay or obstruct access to life saving medications. This includes advocacy training and support for enhancing advocacy efforts at both the state and federal levels. As a long term non-progressor, 2011 marks 31 years living as a person with HIV.

Robin Webb


Robin Webb Acupuncture, chants, crystals, Chinatown docs, herbs, teas, tears, memorials, grief groups, brotherhood, Manhattan Center for Living, Friends In Deed and ACT UP NYC. Fast forward: the millennium approaches; Robin lives. 'Empowerment' (yawn) is suddenly so 80s; act-up morphs into act-out: with 149 t-cells now in tow, RW moves on up to Gramercy Park, coasts along fashionably, a la AIDS and the City, when "HA!" comes calling, yet again. His partner of 10 yrs. dies. There's 9/11. RW moves to Mississippi to face in-your-face stigma, isolation, disparities, inequities in ways he never imagined, joining ranks with 10,000 other MS HIV survivors. Depression mounted; isolation was lethal.

Ultimately on August 29th, 2005, the very day Hurricane Katrina utterly ravaged his homeland, Robin Timothy Webb ended his own life, sadly, end of story. Naw, not really. Instead, he dug deep, found his voice by singing the old spiritual, I Ain't Got Time to Die. Quick to confront, Robin joined Ryan White and CPG groups and the Board of the Southern AIDS Coalition; he co-founded AIDS Action in MS ("AAIM," an affiliate of Housing Works) and recently A Brave New Day, both aiming to help the "left behinds" -- rural Deep South survivors -- when it comes to empowerment, advocacy, activism, oppression, AIDS services, all that. No day but today! Oil-spills notwithstanding.

Michael Weinstein


Michael Weinstein Michael Weinstein is the president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the nation's largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care. Before becoming involved in HIV/AIDS related issues in the 1980s, he was a businessman and graphic designer. Since 1986, Mr. Weinstein has been a leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS. As president and co-founder of AHF, he oversees a $200-million organization whose mission is to provide "cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay." AHF currently serves more than 150,000 clients in the U.S., Africa, Latin American/Caribbean, the Asia/Pacific Region and Eastern Europe. Under Mr. Weinstein's leadership, AHF has grown from a group of friends dedicated to the creation of dignified care for people in the last stages of AIDS to the largest AIDS organization in the United States.

The Foundation now operates 16 outpatient AHF Healthcare Centers in California, Florida and Washington D.C. AHF also operates seventeen AHF Pharmacy locations, a clinical research unit, a disease management program throughout the State of Florida (Positive Healthcare/Florida), and the first capitated Medicaid managed care program for people with AIDS (Positive Healthcare/California). In 2001, AHF launched AHF Global, a non-profit, international initiative to bring lifesaving antiretroviral therapy to developing and resource-poor countries. AHF works in partnership with local stakeholders including ministries of health and non-government organizations to establish sustainable and replicable models for high-quality, sustainable HIV/AIDS healthcare service delivery. AHF currently has partnerships and provides free medical care and/or services in 21 countries including: the U.S. (in California, Florida and Washington D.C.), Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, The Netherlands, Uganda, Ukraine, Viet Nam and Zambia.

In order to help finance some of the many services AHF provides, Weinstein also created the popular fundraising Out of the Closet thrift store chain, the nation's largest AIDS-related retail business, which contributes to the innovative HIV/AIDS initiatives of AHF. Out of the closet now boasts 19 stores in California and Florida, many of which offer free HIV testing as part of the Foundation's groundbreaking alternative HIV testing. Before founding AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Weinstein served as coordinator of the Stop the AIDS Quarantine Committee and then as executive director of the Los Angeles AIDS Hospice Committee, which led the fight for hospice care in the mid-eighties.In 2001, Weinstein was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Whittier College for his career achievements.

Joey Wynn


Joey WynnJoey Wynn is a person living with HIV for over 23 years. In 1994, he was involved in the start up of the first Ryan White (Title 1 / Part A) Outpatient HIV Special Immunology Services (SIS) Department at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida. In 1996 he joined Florida AIDS Action, a statewide advocacy agency involved throughout Florida to provide medical treatment information & education for both consumers and physicians. Increasing the awareness of State politicians for the need to increase state funding for HIV related services, especially AICP, was another main goal accomplished while at FLAA. He then served for 5 years as the Ryan White Patient Care Administrator for the Broward County Health Department’s AIDS Program office, overseeing provision of $20 million of HIV services for two clinics four pharmacies and seven subcontractor agencies throughout Broward County.

Since then he worked for over 5 years in the Statewide Medicaid HIV Disease management program, Positive Healthcare, as the statewide Community Relations Director. He now works at Broward House, Broward’s Oldest & Largest AIDS Service organization, providing medical care, substance abuse rehabilitation, mental health, and social services for people living with HIV and addressing their long term housing needs. He is a 14 year member of the Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) workgroup. He also was a member of the Florida Statewide Medicaid Advisory group and also a past President of the People With AIDS Coalition (PWAC) in Miami Dade County in 1994. He has worked on various Pharmacy formulary panels and workgroups over the past 15 years, and developed a Ryan White funded analysis of Pharmacy efficiency / effectiveness evaluations for the Broward EMA, comparing Florida EMAs cost & utilization models with Florida ADAP.