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About giving more than just a handfull of hope...aaa+


The ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+®) mission is to promote and enhance the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) and improve access to care for persons living with HIV/AIDS. aaa+® works with advocates, community, health care, government, patients, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders to assure that access to services recognize and afford persons living with HIV/AIDS to enjoy a healthy life.

aaa+® is the only national grassroots organization focused exclusively on ADAPs and ensuring that there are adequate resources nationwide to eliminate or prevent waiting lists for services. Our purpose is to better engage people living with HIV/AIDS by providing a platform whereby they can offer their personal experiences, challenges, knowledge, insight and solutions to solving this perpetual problem.

Breaking News

ADAP Advocacy Association Releases 2014 Annual Report:

"Affordable Care Act implementation has not slowed down client enrollment in ADAPs nationwide"

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 28, 2015) – The ADAP Advocacy Association, also known as aaa+®, today released it 2014 Annual Report. Last year, relatively small waiting lists returned under the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), as client enrollment has continued to expand despite implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. [PDF | DOC]


68,000 Patients Obtained ACA Insurance Coverage, Thanks to ADAP
By: Brandon M. Macsata, CEO, ADAP Advocacy Association, and Marcus J. Hopkins, Project Director, HIV/HCV Co-Infection Watch, Community Access National Network

"ADAPs remain at the forefront of adapting HIV care and treatment services to an evolving public health landscape. Supporting clients in public and private insurance coverage under the ACA is a tremendous opportunity to improve the overall health of clients and maximize Ryan White Program resources. These figures represent a huge success for ACA enrollment and implementation, demonstrating the ability of our ADAP and Ryan White Program system of care to transition vulnerable populations to new insurance coverage and keep them engaged in the health system in order to achieve healthy outcomes and ultimately prevent new infections," summarized the National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors' (NASTAD) Executive Director, Murray Penner, upon releasing some important findings on July 24, 2015.

Penner's statement was in response to the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) assisting 68,000 clients living with HIV/AIDS being served by the program gain access to health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That figure included 48,000 patients enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), funded by ADAP, and an additional 20,000 patients transitioned to Medicaid.

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ADAP Update

ADAPs with Waiting Lists
(35 individuals in 1 state(s) on the ADAP Waiting List as of July 28, 2014)
Source: The ADAP Watch, National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD).

  • Eleven ADAPs have had cost-containment measures in place since April 1, 2013 (reported as of July 15, 2014).
  • No ADAPs currently anticipate additional cost-containment measures prior to March 31, 2015.

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